Move from Calgary to CanmoreWe found Jordan purely by chance searching the internet and we could see from his website the quality of the service that he provides to clients. Jordan provides a phenomenal service to his clients and that service is worth every penny. Regardless of the value of your house Jordan will doing the following….

  • Realistically price your home (we sold within 9 days at 98% of the asking price)
  • Takes time to understand your needs
  • Takes time to understand the market in your area and explain that market to you
  • Provides clear, practical advice on how to present your house for sale
  • Makes suggestions that are inexpensive to improve the look of the house (from Jordan’s recommendations we spent less than 1% of the asking price on improvements)
  • Goes out of his way to come and look at the house as often as you want to ensure the work you are doing is what is needed
  • Times the selling of your house to perfection
  • Invests in professional photos of the house, which make it look fantastic
  • Invests in professional brochures, which showcase the house beautifully
  • Keeps you informed of progress
  • Is always professional, honest, open to discussion and approachable
  • Is incredibly responsive and is easily accessible via e-mail, text and phone
  • Understands what it is like to live in a house and sell it and gives practical advice to clients with kids.

Jordan also recommended a fantastic realtor in Canmore and we were able to buy a house within three days of selling. We tried contacting other realtors in our area and they either did not return our calls or did not inspire us with confidence. With Jordan at the helm the sale of our house went through weeks faster than expected. We would recommend Jordan hands down over any other realtor in Calgary (he also has great wine!).

Jordan an Channel (Huntington Hills)

I will highly recommend Jordan Lotoski and his mortgage broker Matt Kee if you’re in the market to buy or sell a house/condo. They have both been very helpful to me in buying my first home. They are both very professional and was always in contact with me whenever I needed them. I’ve also been using Jordan’s “Wanna know what your neighbours house sold for?” thread for quite some time to research a few areas that I wanted to check up on. Everyone knows how helpful Jordan is here on Beyond, even if you’re not a client, he will still look around and help you find the right place. I am very happy with Jordan’s work. His Mortgage Broker was very helpful as well and worked really hard to get the best interest rate for me. i will definitely use both guys again if I get a chance to buy another property. If any of you would like to know the contact for Matt Kee, please ask through PM and I would be more than happy to send you his contacts

James Lynch (Auburn Bay)

Hey guys, Just want to give a huge big shout out to Jordan for helping me find my new home! I veryyyyy strongly recommend getting a hold of him if you are selling or buying! When I told Jordan I was in the buyers market , he had sent me over 10 homes within 30mins , all the type I was looking for and price range.. He even got me into see two homes the next day! When I realized I wanted to build a new home , he took me to show homes , was always on the builders with questions , and has helped me build an amazing lake community home. This guy means business , and has helped beyond any normal Realtor I have used !

Peter. (Mount Pleasant)

I’m expecting an addition to the family this summer, and the current house has been feeling a bit cramped. Like most people, I’ve been watching the real estate market falling, and I’ve heard the stories about people not being able to sell their homes. I knew I needed an above average Realtor to sell my home quickly, for a reasonable price. I did email interviews with about a half dozen realtors, including one I’ve used in the past. Then I did in-person interviews with two. I ended up going with Jordan Lotoski, based partly on the recommendations of other beyond.ca users, and partly on his confidence and positive attitude. We went over the steps needed to stage our house for selling, Jordan had lots of suggestions. It took about a month for us to clean up and clear out. We thought we were finally ready to list the house. Jordan came over, looked around, and he came up with another dozen suggestions of things to repaint, remove or move. I’ll admit, I was a little put off, since we had worked so hard at getting the house looking great, however, we trusted him. We spent one more week of taking care of the remaining details and when Jordan came back the next week, that house was gleaming and spotless. I’m no perfectionist, but Jordan is, and he agreed that we were ready to list. He spent at least an hour taking photos of the house, working hard to get just the right angles to show off the best features of the house. When the listing hit MLS on a Thursday morning, the write-up was perfect, the pictures stunning. FS Reno’d inner city bungalow My friends and family were all very impressed. We had two couples through the house that day, three more on Friday. Two on Saturday morning, several during an open house on Saturday afternoon, and a couple more on Sunday. By Monday morning, we had an offer. It was low, but by Monday evening, we had a second offer, and the first one was revised upwards. Before we went to be Monday night, we had accepted an offer for only four thousand under our list price. Less than five full days on the market, success! Now the fun part, buying a new place. Jordan took us through ten houses on the first trip, eight on the next, and we thought we were getting close. His seemingly boundless energy was a great help to us when looking at so many houses. He also gave us helpful pointers about what things to look for. We went through six more houses last week, and wrote an offer on one. Jordan did some back-and-forth with the other Realtor and we got the place for $27,000 under list price. Coles Notes: I am fully satisfied with my experience with Jordan. He sold my house for more than I thought, and he got me my new house for less than I thought. Regards.

Aaron S. (bridlewood)

Jordan sold my house in less than six hours due to his expertise in staging and knowing what a buyer is looking for in any particular market. It’s not like my house was under priced either for the doubters, there were similar houses in the area for the same price or less that are still there, it just took the right presentation to grab the attention of the first couple of clients. Can’t say enough good things about Jordan from helping with the staging and supplying the kitchen table and a few pictures for showings to being available at any time of the day. If anyone is thinking about selling or buying be sure to give him a call or PM him through here. I’ve been bugging him for months about different places and he always got back to me instantly regardless of what I was asking and went out of his way to help with selling the current house. Awesome Beyond sponsor and a great guy!

Terrence W (Kincora)

I am (or was!) a first-time homebuyer, and Jordan has been instrumental in making this a smooth and easy process. When I first jumped into the housing market in Calgary, all I was sure of was which quadrant I wanted to live in. Jordan did an excellent job in filtering down listings based on my preferences. He did this by asking the right questions, giving the right answers and showing me a variety of houses. We were able to very quickly single-out the houses which were most suitable to my needs, helping to make the search easier and less time consuming. We singled it down to THE house, and before we knew it, we were putting an offer on the table, getting it accepted and then taking posession. Quick and easy. Jordan was very proficient in responding and following up, and if you like using your mobile smart phone to communicate, he’s great with that . I imagine he would work very well with the general beyond.ca demographic, as he is very in-line with the trends amongst young families or bachelors. I haven’t had an experience yet selling through Jordan, but the above posts seem to support all the aforementioned. I’m loving this house and everything has come together very nicely. Thanks, Jordan!


‘ve been thinking of listing my pad for a number of months. Two weeks ago my wife and I made the decision to put it on the market…the only problem was who do we list it with? We could have listed it with all the names that we see in our area? I’ve had many experiences with other realtors and at the end of the day I was not impressed. With the help of Jordan’s resource, has helped me out numerous times on Beyond with “properties sold in our area thread”. This was my deciding factor and man I’m glad I stuck with my decision. Within my first email to Jordan, he responded within 20min. within a couple of days our place was a show home and ready to sell. I don’t know anyone in the business of selling Real Estate that has tremendous work ethic, meticulous and integrity. This guy is real and honest which I appreciate. He has pick up papers at my work in the morning and he’s showing us places in the evening. I’m getting BB messages all day long…all this and he has a family- amazing! Jordan thus far has been great in managing my wife and I. We both have different expectations…something I thought would never happen. She’s looking for the next place like yesterday and I’m just trying to sell. Jordan was great at managing our expectations and getting my wife and us on the same page – baby steps. Today, we have showing after showing and It’s great to see…all we have to do is close this deal!! Anyways, I can’t thank Jordan enough for guiding my family in this new journey at the expense of his family time. BTW – I want to ride in your Jag…that thing looks sick!!

The Halbauer Family, John, Pat and Samantha

Bouquet of THANK YOU’S to you Jordan for the professional and expedient way in which you handled the sale of our condo at Livingstone House! It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you throughout the entire transaction. We certainly will consider using your services next time we are engaged in a realestate transaction and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others. The very best to you in all future endevours! Best regards The Halbauer Family, John, Pat and Samantha

Carey & Jackie – Calgary

I’ve come to know several realtors over the course of my 10 years in Calgary, none have impressed me more than the services I have recently received from Jordan Lotoski. He’s your guy and here’s why: He’s a perfectionist. I am one particular fellow and a tough customer to boot. I’ve put a lot of my time into making my 1985 build a modern, clean and comfortable home for my family to enjoy. Jordan was great in pointing out opportunities to stage the home in a way that would appeal to even more buyers. In fact, once his photograher had completed his snaps of the property and I was able to review, I didn’t even recognize my home. It looked like a show home. It made me feel proud of my work. He’s honest. Our emotional attachment to our homes often obscures reality. We all think that our homes are 2nd to none, but our homes are only worth what the market dictates, not what we believe. Jordan doesn’t sit and perpetuate this false belief that a home is worth far more than it is. His pricing guidelines are right on the money. We listed my house below competing listings and got nibbles right away. Our desire is to sell and his duty is to sell… he makes it happen using the right tools to get the job done. He’s down to earth. Jordan is one of us. He doesn’t saunter around your home and behave in a manner like he’s better than you. He’s a good guy. My wife and I both enjoyed having him over. In fact, my wife convinced him to buy a Roomba. Nothing is more satisfying than working with people who you can connect with and converse with on the same level. He gets the job done. Jordan was the reason we managed to sell our house for a reasonable price in a very tough market. He spent a lot of time making the deal happen and he also demonstrated his ability to a flexible and reasonable businessman. He made sacrifices to assist us in our goal of selling and starting a new chapter of our life in a new home elsewhere. If it wasn’t for his flexibility and commitment to our needs, we’d still be waiting for a buyer and losing confidence that our desired move would occur. Look to Jordan for all of your real estate needs. He is seriously the best realtor I have dealt with. He’ll make it happen for you. Thanks, Jordan. We truly appreciate all of your efforts.

Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!